Monday, December 29, 2008


Rank in the military is a very very important thing. It is the first thing that people see when they look at you and it effects how they react to you - literally. For example, Sam is enlisted and I an officer. People automatically freak out when they hear I am an officer because officers are usually the 'big bosses'. People are a little more relaxed when they meet Sam because he is enlisted. Then they hear that he is an enlisted Sergeant in the Marines and they freak out again because Marine Corps Sergeant's are literally known world wide for how mean they are! Well, I have been an Ensign in the Navy for 2 years. Ensign is the lowest rank of officer. People fear me because I am an officer, but not very much because they know I haven't been in long enough to know how mean I can really be. They call us 'butter bars' and other irritating nicknames when ever they see us. The time finally came for me to be promoted. Its a whole ceremony. I hate having all the attention on me so the whole process was a little embarrassing. I had to go to my Commanding Officer's office and re-swear in to the military. Then you have people who are close to you remove your old rank and put your new rank on. I had Sam and my direct boss do it. My boss is a huge fan of Star Wars (Sam and I are too) so she decided to 'knight' me with Yoda's light saber. Now, my Commanding Officer is also a HUGE Star Wars fan, but he loves Darth Vader. (Hence the pictures of Darth Vader on the wall). So he decided that we needed to remove the enemies light saber from his office and gave us the Darth Vader light saber to 'knight' me with instead. - Yes I know . . . the rumors are true. . . medical personnel really are THAT nerdy.

Well, after the whole light saber thing was done Sam had to complete the final part of my ceremony which is to put on my new jacket with my new rank.

After all that it was finally official. I am now a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy. Yeah!!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! That ROCKS! Funny pics! All those light sabers... haha!

Joseph said...

Congratulations Dacee!! That's why I love this blog idea. Without this blog, I wouldn't have know about this for another two months. Congratulations again! I'm proud of you! :)