Friday, December 12, 2008

Knee Surgery :(

When I first joined the military I had to go to something called Officer Indoctrination School (OIS). It is a time when you learn all things military and get in great shape. For those of you who know me, I am not the most athletic of people. I am one of those irritating people who eat what I want and don't gain weight. Sure, I get winded going up a flight of stairs, but its a sacrifice I am willing to make for a life of apathy.
Well, to my surprise, the Navy DEMANDED that I be physically fit. Not only did they demand it, but they also mandate that all Navy personnel do a physical fitness test every 6 months. OIS attempted to help me get ready for this new life of fitness. My instructors made me run, jump, do push ups and more. Do you know what Igot from all this? - Several nose bleeds and a torn meniscus. I think my body was trying to tell me something.
Anyhow after 2 years of complaining of knee pain the Navy finally agreed that it was time for me to have surgery.
Our hospital is really small, so having people you know and drink coffee with do your surgery is a little nerve racking. It brings trust in friendship to a whole new level.
Everything went pretty well. There was one incident when they gave me IV fluid that I was allergic to and my heart rate went up to 110 beats per minute, but one of my friends was my anaesthesiologist and he caught the error so all was well.
After surgery I had a week of looking like this:
I was ordered to keep my leg elevated and iced. I don't exercise, but I am a pretty active person just the same . This was a NIGHTMARE for me. I hated not being able to go anywhere! Sam tried to confiscate my crutches but I got them back. My kids call my crutches 'crushers'. You know you accidentally knock a kid over a couple of times and they have to get all dramatic!
I finally got to take of my dressing today. My knee looks something like this now.
It still swollen, and I can't straighten my leg all the way yet, but I am on the road to recovery. The best part of this whole process is that I have 2 weeks off work. :) Sure having surgery is a kinda of extreme way to get time off during the holidays, but overall I have to say it was totally worth it!


Simply Yummy Goodness said...

Awe...poor poor Dacee. Sorry you had to have knee surgery,I had it done in 8th grade and it sucked! But two weeks off from work is awesome. Love the posts and the pictures!

P.S. I too hate fake sugar! What am I going to do!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

oh wow! I bet it was really weird to have the people you work with work on you! haha! At least it was knee surgery and not something more embarassing :) That's awesome you get 2 weeks off during the holidays! Whoo hoo! I hope you're back to normal soon!

I dont' know what your other friend was talking about, but I hate fake sugar! Yuck! :)

Thanks for the Motrin advice... it was great! Thanks! You ROCK!