Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sam's Employed!!!

Today Sam got an call from the human resources department of Community Bank telling him that he got the job we had been praying for!!! He goes in tomorrow to sign the contract and starts as soon as he starts his terminal leave with the Marine Corp. He will now be working as the Acquisitions Officer for Community Bank. Or maybe it was Contracts Specialist. I don't know. He'll correct the blog if I am wrong though. :). Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers. We are SOOOO excited about this HUGE next step.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work, Life and Summer Fun

Sam and I got a call the other day from my brother-in-law, Joseph. He reminded us how HORRIBLE we have been with keeping up with calling people and updating our blog. I sadly have to agree. Life has been insanely busy -not that this is an excuse. We have been very very remiss and will try our hardest to be better about it. Bear with me now as I work to update you all on the exciting adventures in the Bernard World.
Busy Busy Busy. I my life is rather boring. I am still working hard as a mental health nurse. Sam on the other hand has much more excitement. This Saturday he will be flying out to spend a week in America to officially end his USMC contract. We are ridiculously excited. He has started the interview process for civilian jobs. He had an interview with a local bank to work as an acquisition officer. We are praying that he gets it if it is God's will.
Well lots is going on now that Sam is getting out of the military. We prayed long and hard and decided that we want to stay in Okinawa for an extra year. As of right now we will be living in Okinawa until 2011. With this in mind we made the choice to move into a real Okinawan house. We move in this Friday. We will send pictures soon.
Summer Fun:
This summer has been busy. My (Dacee) dad came to visit us for a weekend after spending 3 weeks touring China. He had fun seeing where we live and what we do to fun. The day after he left my (still Dacee) mom came to visit for a month. She has been amazing to have here. She has been watching the girls and seeing all the Okinawa sites.
One last cool thing that happened today. Okinawa had the longest solar eclipse seen in over a century. I was all excited for it, but it wasn't that amazing. The whole world turned kinda gray like it was a cloudy day. . . only eerier. I couldn't see the sun directly because. . . . well because it was the sun. I didn't have one of those cool eclispy looking things to see it through so like you all I have to see it through pictures.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I promise to try to send pics of the new house to you all soon. We love you all! Keep us in your prayers.