Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookie Party Fun!!!

Cala and Audrie have been begging us all Christmas season to make a huge batch of Christmas cookies. Our family LOVES cookies and we usually have a constantly full cookie jar, but Sam and I have never really been Christmas cookie people. Sam isn't really a big icing person and I don't like the taste of sugar cookies. I was still trying to figure out how to avoid making Christmas cookies when my friend called and invited the girls over to her house for a Christmas cookie decorating party.
I was surprised when I came into her house. All I can say is it was organized chaos. Kids and sugar were flying everywhere! Here is a picture of the main decorating table.

The girls dove in and had tons of fun! I loved watching them decorate. Their little personalities came out in full. Cala was very precise. She made sure each of her cookies were evenly colored and carefully sprinkled. I think Cala is so cute in this picture. I love the snowman she decorated (I admit I helped a little.)

Audrie was all about tons of icing and sprinkles. She tried to be careful about color schemes, but the table of icing was too enticing. She was so cute because she wanted to put EVERYTHING on each cookie. This picture is one of her with a ton sugar in her system. She is in true Audrie form here. You can see her plate of well decorated cookies.

The girls tried to offer Sam and me some of their party goodies. We smiled and said yum. I actually ate my entire slobbery, sugary cookie. Sam on the other hand snuck up stairs and flushed it down the toilet when the girls weren't looking. -- hehehe

Overall it was a wonderful time for the girls. . . and I had fun too.

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That is awesome! I can totally picture all of that happening!!! Audrie looks soooo much like Sam in that picture!!
How fun! Great pics!