Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, life again has gotten insanely busy, and it is all my kids fault. Okay, so I am not really upset with them, it is just that they have had entirely too much time off of school. Our children are carbon copies of us. They have these vibrant loud personalities and need social interaction to cure boredom. School is their outlet. Our girls need school, not just for the whole education thing, but also to burn off their energy. Without this, mommy, daddy and the girls all go a little insane.
Well, here in Japan there is a huge love for holidays. Okinawa is notorious for holidays. It is actually nick-named the "festival island". Well, my girls go to a Japanese-American school, so they get the benefit of both American and Japanese holidays.
The first break came with spring break. This is a huge season here because the Japanese school year actually ends in spring, so there are all the end of the year festivals, and then a 2 week spring break. They have this great military beach resort here. So, for the first break, I took the girls and one of their friends out to the beach for a couple of days.
Sam got to relax at home in an estrogen free environment. All i can say is that i must have been insane! It was like i was a camp councilor and personal ATM all rolled up into one. All i did was pay for things and say "NO" all week. The girls had lots of fun though.
So, after we finally recovered from the insanely long spring break, we are all ready for the start of school. Well two weeks go buy and then the girls tell us that they have next week off! We are like "WHAT!!! Didn't you just have TWO weeks off school?!?!?!" Well apparently those two weeks were for spring break. This week was for Golden Week. Golden week is a week where 7-10 different holidays fall right in a row. All Japanese employees and kids get these holidays off, so the week is called "Golden Week". So we had to find a way to entertain our kids for another week. We went to the Pineapple Factory.
Well, thankfully, school is back in session, and there are no scheduled holidays for another 4 weeks -- at least we hope so. :)