Friday, November 28, 2008


Ahh! Thanksgiving in Japan. What is it like you ask? Actually it is a lot like Thanksgiving in the states. Well at least on base it is. The military is really like one big family at times. We work together, live together and even eat together. Sam's accounting shop go together at his boss's house to celebrate thanksgiving this year.
This is pretty much what happens every year, but this year there was a lot less alcohol. This was actually a very good thing because usally everyone starts doing shots after dinner and don't stop till midnight. This year everyone played video games. Call of Duty 5 is out so the guys set up two t.v.'s so everyone could play. The kids got into it too. here's a picture of them playing the Wii.
My girls just discovered the magic of video games so they got into it too.
Over all it was a really great time full of food and fun.

The only thing that could have made it better was if each of you were here to celbrate with us.
We miss and love you all!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Starting out. . . Again

I have recently heard complaints from friends and family about how terrible we are about keeping in touch with everyone. I hate to admit it. . . but i totally agree. So, in effort to be much better about the whole communication thing we have decided to start a Bernard Family Blog so each of you can keep up to date with all the exciting events going on in our lives.
I have tried this blogging thing before, but, quite honestly, i suck at it. All web pages here in Japan have to be translated into English, and I just figured out how to do it.
Let me take a quick moment to update you all on where we are now.
-We are still calling Okinawa, Japan home.
-Sam is still in the Marines, and is set to get out in July (Yeah!!!!)
-I (Dacee) and still in the Navy. I am a mental health nurse now.
-Cala is 6 years old and in first grade, and Audrie is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. (how did they grow up so fast?)
Other than that we are livin' and lovin' life here in Japan.
I promise to send more interesting points later, but that is all i have for now.
We miss you all, and hope to see your comments on our blog!