Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello Again

Yes, before any of you say a single word. . . it has been FOREVER. But, in our defense we have been insanely busy! Life continues to come at us in all directions, and we are managing to juggle our roles.
So what have we been up to you ask? Well, let's start with summer. This summer was so much fun! We really got to relax and hang out with friends. I worked a day shift all summer, which was a pleasant change and let me get regular sleep hours. My niece, Rayann, came to visit again. We did a lot of shopping and touristy things.
Summer flew by and we got full swing into the rush of life. Sam is fully enjoying his time out of the marines. He grew a beard in celebration.
The girls are doing well too. They are getting HUGE. Cala is in third grade and Audrie is in second grade. They each have their own little cliques and think they are so cool now.
I am doing well too. I am in my last 8 weeks of my master's program. I need a lot of prayer to survive it! I have about a year and 2 months left in the military. Overall, I am just excited to see what life will bring.
I will try my hardest to keep you all updated with all our adventures. We love you all!

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Joseph said...

Goodness! Who is the guy in the third picture with the receding hairline and full beard? I don't seem to recognize him!