Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And Disney's The Princess and the Frog gets 5 thumbs down

Our family are generally very big fans of all things Disney. We understand the controversy that surrounds the company, but we love the Disney princesses. They are great for our little girls. There movies are all really innocent and fun. Now some people think that the princess obsession is a bad thing. I mean we don't want to create materialistic children. . . right? Well, Sam and I have found a positive spin to the whole princess thing. We explain that because of Jesus we are adopted as children of God. That makes us princes and princesses. With that title comes responsibility. There are some behaviors that princes and princesses cannot have. So the title of princess is one of great responsibility. When the newest Disney movie came out we were so excited. Here is a black Disney princess to add to positive role models of other princesses. WE WERE WRONG. So, to explain our full hatred of this movie, we have chosen to break down the movies suckiness into five thumbs. 1rst thumb down: Animation. The animation in this movie is terrible. The coloring is very dark. The drawings are roughly done. It lacks the clean look of the more modern Disney cartoons. The animation is very reminiscent of the poor 1990s animation move. 2nd thumb down: Music The songs were poorly done. None of them were catchy, and your definitely won't catch your little one singing along to any of the songs. 3rd thumb down: poor character development None of the characters were likable. All of them were shallow and poorly developed so the kids couldn't identify with any of them. Most of them were nasty backwater hillbilly characters that we wouldn't want our kids talking to on the street, much less watching in a hour and 1/2 movie. 4th thumb down: The over use of voodoo Can I just say how dark and evil voodoo is. The movie goes back and forth between over glorifying it with the "good voodoo witch doctor" to showing so much evil with the "bad" voodoo witch doctor. There magic to turn the prince into a frog was done by getting a voodoo skull full of the prince's blood. Later in the movie there is a whole song in which the bad guy conjures up demons to go hunt down the prince. Then there is this creepy dark shadow chase. 5th thumb down: The main character isn't a princess Can I just say that the title of the movie is the PRINCESS and the frog. Ten minutes into watching the poor 1920s black female lead who lives in the slums of New Orleans and works tow waitressing jobs and helps out with a wealthy white family whose daughter is the town princess our girls turn to look at us and say "why isn't she a real princess like the other Disney princesses?" In the end the movie comes off as a poorly put together, mildly racist, eerily evil cartoon. Our advise to you all . . . skip it! Poorly done Disney. . . Poorly done!


Joseph said...

Wow, tell us how you really feel! I guess you should have spoken to Marci and CJ before going to the movie. They warned me right before I was about to take Sasha.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

yikes! We haven't seen it yet, thanks for the review :)