Thursday, December 2, 2010

Korea Vacation

I know. . . I know. Before any of you say anything. KOREA - for vacation!! It sounds insane, but can I just say - Seoul is the COOLEST CITY EVER!!!
For those of you who don't read my random facebook status updates, I am really into Korean Drama's right now. They are really fun and have new creative story lines. After watching a bunch of these I decided I wanted to see Korea for myself. Samuel had gone to Korea a couple of years ago for work and really wanted to go again, so for our anniversary we decided we would take a vacation trip. It was so worth it.
First, can I say, Seoul in the fall is beautiful!!! The girls loved the fall leaves.
We got to see cool old temples and castles.
I love Cala's face in this picture. She finds her dad embarrassing already. :) We got to see some cool old Korean art at the national museum. And, Sam got to try to be art.

We even got to go to the Kimchi Museum. We got to learn about all the kinds of Kimchi (and there are A LOT), and we learned about all the nutritional benefits of kimchi. All of us really liked the kimchi tasting part of the museum.

One of the coolest things we saw was the technology district of Seoul. THey had these cool media towers with touch screens. They told us the news, the subway route, city maps and more. They even take pictures and email it to your home website. We'll show you all that picture later.

Yes there was that whole gun fire and bomb thing up in the northern part of the country, but honestly, it didn't really effect us in Seoul. Overall, it was one of the best family vacation trips ever. We all fell in love with the country and will go back again.

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