Saturday, March 21, 2009

My baby turned 7!!!!

I feel that there is nothing harder to watch as a parent than your little kids getting bigger. My little Micayla just turned seven! This is so strange for me and Sam. Looking at her all we can think of is 'Where did all the years go?'. I think it is extra fun for us because we had Cala when we were just 21 years old, so we have grown up with her.
Well, I feel that birthdays are should be the BEST day of the year. My girls agree. They love birthdays more than Christmas - really. See, we stress that Christmas is about giving to others, but birthdays is the day that is all about you. They get to plan their perfect party. Their friends have to all be nice to them, and they can't get in trouble.
The only rule of children's birthday parties for me and Sam is the they can NEVER EVER be in our home. This year Cala wanted a sleep over, and i was so consumed with mommy sadness over my little girl growing up that i said yes. Why? What was i thinking? It was CHAOS.
There were 15 girls there, but thankfully only 12 stayed the night. We started with cupcake decorating.
After we sugared the girls up we did Disney Karaoke and dinner, a pinata, more cake and a movie.
I didn't think this whole plan through. With all the sugar in their system they didn't want to go to sleep. Sam and I were up till 2am!
Cala had a wonderful time though. She barley made it through the next day. Both her and Audrie were spent.
Looking back I guess it was totally worth it. You do only turn seven once. :)


Joseph said...

Happy Birthday Micayla!! We love you!! Seems like you had a lot of fun. :)

Katy said...

I am so happy you shared, that sounds like one fun birthday party...I want to decorate a cupcake!

Happy Birthday Cala!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

hahaha! How fun!!! Looks like a rockin' birthday party!! Disney Karaoke - if you had told me I would have totally been there! haha! Happy 7th birthday!!! How fun!!!