Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poor Sam

Yes, I know i am way overdue for a post on the status of my injured husband, but i got to say. . . he is a difficult patient and makes getting on the computer hard. :)
Actually he has not been that bad. He has done AMAZING with pain control and is tolerating his cast a lot better than i would. The area is taking a little longer to heal than the doctor first expected, so he had to leave the staples in. Sam gets the staples out in one week and goes back to work in a couple of days after. I have included some pictures for your enjoyment. Be forewarned, some are kinda gross if you aren't medically minded.
This is a picture of them taking off his surgical dressing.

Here is what it looked like under all that gauze.

Just so you can see how big the incision actually was:

He got a brand new cast. Its a regular fiber glass one, even though the staples are still in. I love the color blue it is:

Now he can gimp around on crutches like this:

The doctors tell us he will be back to normal in a year! Keep him in your prayers!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

WHOA! That's so cool looking! That tendon is crazy! wow!
That's crazy they put a cast over his staples! I had stitches in my arm once when my tendons were cut, and they put a cast over mine, but cut out a "window" on the cast so that I could clean it and stuff ... they even took my stitches out through the window :) Poor Sam :( OUCH!!

Joseph said...

Wow, that looks rough! I don't remember David's looking like that. Hang in there Sam. We're praying for you.