Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everyday Life

So, it has been a while since we posted on the blog. So sorry everyone. Life here has been insane!!! There is work, and trips to the states, and then more work, then trips back to the States when my grandpa passed away, then Haiti. You can see how life got ahead of us for a time. Well, I can't quite say that things are calm yet, but they are looking up. Many of you have asked what a day in our life looks like. Well, no day is quite the same. Sam does accounting at our church now, and is LOVING it. It was a huge pay cut, but it was worth it because he has more time with the kids. The girls are doing great! Audrie and Cala now go to a Japanese/American School. They are picking up so much of the language. Here are a couple of pictures of them in class. On days off the girls like to go hang out with friends. Here is a picture of them after going to a military kids play. Their friends were mice in the Cinderella story.
Over all, we do our best to have lots of fun despite the insanity of life. We will try to do better about updating our blog so you guys can stay connected.